I was invited to create a piece for Neverland Digital‘s premier gallery show Playhauz.

I had been wanting to experiment with a new technique – stacking multiple pieces of edge lit acrylic onto of each other and so that is what I did.

The piece was formed by laser etching 6 pieces of acrylic and stacking them onto of each other.

A pattern varied on each layer creating a 3D geometry when all the pieces were stacked. Serially addressable LEDs were attached around each layer to illuminate the acrylic of each panel individually which allowed for 3D lighting patterns as well.

A mirror was also placed behind the 6 layers to create a further illusion of depth.

I used a pixelblaze LED controller to run the patterns. It provides a simple to use tool to map the LEDs in 3D.

The entire piece was placed in hexagonal piece of wood I had lying around. I painted it with ultra matte Black 3.0 paint.