My name is David Gomez, I’m a recent graduate of MIT with a B.S in Electrical Engineering and I currently work full time as an Electrical Engineer. Becoming an Electrical Engineer has been an innate desire of mine for longer than I can remember, perhaps starting with my fascination with lights as a child. I was always amazed by the beauty and what seemed like magic of lights. However, “magic” is not a very satisfying answer for how something works. Attempting to uncover the inner workings of lights naturally led me towards electronics which introduced me to things like computers and robotics. All of this was cool enough to keep me hooked on the idea of becoming an electrical engineer.

The cool factor of the technology that engineers create is only one small part of drives me though. I think science, and it’s hand of engineering, is one of the most powerful tools humanity has to improve our general well being. In my life I hope to be able to use my skills to create things that people enjoy and make life better for all of us.

Aside from engineering, I am also a big lover of art and music. I think engineers have a lot to learn from artists in the passion they put into their pieces, the stories they try to tell with their works, and the emotions they try to communicate. I think good engineering should tell some kind of a story too. We are all humans after all and there should always be some kind of passion, emotion, and care put into our work, even if it is technical.

There’s a whole bunch of other stuff I like too like playing hockey and making kombucha. I made this website primarily as a way to record all of that and to make myself a part of this whole great internet thing that’s going on. I hope to use this website as a tool to learn more about how the internet works in general as well. Hopefully one day I’ll get off this wordpress thing.

That’s about all for now! Stay tuned for updates!